What you should eat before and after you exercise to lose weight, according to a celebrity trainer

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Before exercise: Eggs.

Many dieters only use the white when they’re cooking with eggs because the yolk is fattier, but Bateman advises eating whole eggs before a workout.

“Throwing away the yolk is a big no no,” he said. “It’s packed full of essential nutrients.” Like Vitamin D, which can help promote weight loss, some studies have shown.

After exercise: Whey protein.

Many people may associate protein supplements with weight gain, but Bateman says whey protein can help your body repair after a tiring workout.

“Liquid whey protein is ideal post-workout because it is digested quickly,” he said. “Whey supports protein synthesis and tissue repair.”

It’s also good for gaining muscle, if you’re aiming to tone as you lose weight.

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