13 Things Experts Won’t Tell You About Weight Loss

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A daily dose of chocolate can trim your waistline


If you’re like us, you welcome any new excuse to add more chocolate into your life. To release fat, here’s the trick: Go heavy on the cocoa and light on sugar. Cocoa contains more antioxidants than most foods and is good for so many things, including—when consumed in moderation—weight loss. In a June 2011 study from the Journal of Nutrition, researchers looked at the effect that antioxidants found in cocoa had on obese diabetic mice. Since a diabetic’s lifespan is, on average, seven years shorter, they were looking for any anti-aging promise that increasing dietary intake of this flavonoid might give. Their findings: The mice lived longer. The cocoa reduced degeneration of their aortic arteries, and it blunted fat deposition. Here’s more about how even just smelling dark chocolate can make you less hungry. To add more cocoa into your diet, buy unsweetened cocoa and add it to shakes, coffee, and other recipes. Learn more about the health benefits of chocolate.

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