The 17 Most Unique Wedding Venues We’ve Ever Seen

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Theme Park

Wedding photo by ferris wheel at Calamingos Ranch

Can’t get enough of roller coasters, carousels and cotton candy? Amusement park like Disneyland or Busch Gardens offer different wedding packages to make planning your day as seamless as possible. Just keep in mind that peak season for theme parks usually runs from January through April and they usually schedule weddings and receptions before or after normal operating hours, so plan accordingly. Amusement parks are also fun option for an extended wedding weekend, where guests can enjoy the park’s amenities over the course of a few days (just make sure you block hotel rooms on Skipper to make reservations easier for them). You could also transform an outdoor venue into a carnival. As long as you obtain the proper permits, you could be riding a ferris wheel and eating freshly popped popcorn on a lawn near you.

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