The 17 Most Unique Wedding Venues We’ve Ever Seen

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On a Boat

Cape Cod wedding boat ride

Love the sea? Why not wed on a sailboat, yacht, riverboat or ferry! Your guests will love it, and your photographer will be thankful for the changing backgrounds throughout the day. Remember, marrying on the water doesn’t necessarily mean on the high seas. For example, some historic ships or out-of-commission military vessels are permanently docked but open for weddings, if still is more your speed.

Antique Store

Big Daddy's Antiques in Los Angeles

If you spend your weekends antiquing and your house or apartment is filled with flea market finds, then you might be sold pretty easily on the idea of an antique store wedding. Think about it: All that eclectic décor you’d buy or rent anyway is built right in. Mix and match everything on your tables, from the centerpiece vessels to the chargers and glassware, to fit the laid-back vintage vibe.

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