The 17 Most Unique Wedding Venues We’ve Ever Seen

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Pick one of these out-of-the-box ceremony or reception venues for a wedding that’s totally unique​.

From the unexpected to the flat-out jaw-dropping, these unique places to say “I do” are guaranteed to make your wedding unforgettable. Bonus: You’ll save big time on décor—these supercool locations speak for themselves.

1. Museum

Wedding at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Illinois

While art museums are a classic choice, there are many more conservatory options worth entertaining. Natural history museums, city museums, air and space museums, and even children’s museums often have spaces to rent after-hours. You’ll have exhibits as your backdrop (like a historic propeller plane or awesome dinosaur skeleton). Take advantage of built-in guest entertainment and ask if the staff can provide guided tours or open certain exhibits for people to explore during cocktail hour.

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