11 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Home Garden For Fall & Winter

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3. Eradicate Those Weeds

Weeding is a necessary evil, and it’s important to get them out before the seeds begin to fall. Getting a handle on them now is important for slowing growth and keeping them from getting ahead of you when spring comes around. Remember that weeds that are spread by seed produce thousands of more seeds – for example, redwood pigweed can bear up to 117,000 seeds per plant. If even half of those pigweed seedlings germinate next spring, you’d have an astounding 58,000 pigweed plants to pull.

We know, we know. It’s not easy to do, and despite all of our advanced modern technology, there is still no better way to do it than to pull them all out by hand. But, you will get some good exercise. Be sure to get the root out along with the weed, wear tough garden gloves, and consider getting a comfy sitting pad if you have lots to weed. If you can, pull the weed from its base, so that you get the root and weed all at once, but if that’s not possible, you can use a fork to pry the root out of the ground.

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