11 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Home Garden For Fall & Winter

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It’s hard to believe that fall is just around the corner- weren’t we just celebrating the New Year? It certainly seems that way, but the reality is, soon those annuals will begin to fade, the temperatures will become cooler and the leaves will start to turn. You’ve done a lot of work this summer, tending to your plants, vegetables, herb, and so on, but there’s still some more work to be done before you can get cozy in that blanket on the couch.

It’s important to prepare your garden for the upcoming cooler seasons of the year – by putting it to bed properly, it will make a dramatic difference when it’s time to wake up again next spring

1. Get Rid of All Dead Vegetation

By the time summer has faded, your garden is likely to be a bit of a mess. If it is, while the task ahead can seem overwhelming, take it one bed at a time to make it at least seem a bit easier. First, take note of any damage, as a garden can tell you a lot at the end of the growing season. Assess the results of your hard work over the spring and summer by taking a walk around your garden, and looking at how all of your plants did. Write down successes and failures of individual plants so you don’t forget next year, and identify which plants have outgrown their space and need to be divided.

Getting rid of all dead plant material, rotten fruits and vegetables is a must, as some diseases, like late blight, and certain pests can live on what’s left in the garden, such as fruit and foliage. If any of your plants have developed blight, mildew or mold, be sure to burn them to avoid spreading it rather than tossing them in a compost pile.

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