8 Anti-Inflammatory Egg Recipes You Should Make & Eat This Month For Weight Loss

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Egg Muffin Cups

We love to cook meals once and eat them for days. These eggs cups from Show Me The Yummy are the perfect fit. Prep a muffin tin with some no-stick spray. Next dream up your favorite veggie combo or just riffle through the fridge and see what you have hanging around. Today is might be kale, chickpeas, barley, broccoli, and sweet potato. Tomorrow it’s spinach with cheddar cheese, mushrooms and dried tomatoes. Sautee the ingredients in a large pan and put it aside. Whisk up a load of eggs in a large bowl and pour the veggies in. This way you can make sure everything is evenly distributed when you fill the muffin pan. Keep extras in the fridge. An egg muffin and an apple make a nice afternoon snack.

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