8 Anti-Inflammatory Egg Recipes You Should Make & Eat This Month For Weight Loss

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It’s no secret how much we love eggs and Julie Andrews, The Gourmet RD, agrees with us. “Is there anything as satisfying as a super-runny, fresh yolky egg?” she asks. “It’s, like, nature’s perfect sauce, and eggs automatically make whatever you put them on breakfast.” One egg has 7 grams of protein plus vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory omega-3s. Eggs keep your blood sugar steady and provide nutrient-dense energy to keep you satiated. Eating eggs (the yolk included!) any time of day is a delicious and simple way to advance your weight loss goals. Try these recipes for egg-cellent inspiration!

egg recipes weight loss

Breakfast Casserole

This super filling, egg-based casserole is truly breakfast your way. Andrews loads hers with bacon, peppers, spinach, hash browns, cheese and broccoli. You can use any variety of leafy greens and colorful veggies that you prefer. This is a great time to try something new! The one ingredient not to swap out: cottage cheese. It adds extra protein and helps with consistency. Bake a 9×12 tray and you have breakfast (or lunch or dinner) for a week.

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