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You’ve decided to go on a diet, but you’re not quite sure what to you’re going to be eating. So you head out to the grocery store, and prepare to stock up on any and everything that is healthy. As you make your way down the aisle, you notice a pattern: for every unhealthy snack, there’s a seemingly healthier low-fat option. It would appear as though the food gods are smiling down upon you.

Not so fast. Are you really better off with the low-fat products? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Take a look at 6 low-fat foods that pale in comparison to their fatty alternatives.

Potato Chips

If you read the nutrition label on a bag of chips, then you’ll notice that they contain a relatively high amount of fat in a small serving size. Since most people eat double or triple the amount per serving, they can generally expect to take in double to triple the amount of fat. This is not good for a diet.

Low-fat potato chips, however, are not going to be a better alternative. They are made with an artificial fat that tends to do more harm than good. It interferes with digestion and can cause gassiness and diarrhea. It also interferes with the way the body registers foods, and causes overeating.

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