9 Factors to Consider to Get Relief in Bodybuilding

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If involved in fitness or bodybuilding, what should be your muscles? Volume and relief. It is these symptoms most often advertised in thematic magazines. And the relief is more important than the amount.

In addition, competing in bodybuilding an emphasis on these criteria muscle. But it must be said at once that the relief and that harmony, which is achieved without harm, are quite different in nature concepts. State “drying”, which bodybuilders try to maintain before the competition, can hold a maximum of a few weeks. As for the common man, who only occasionally engaged in physical activity and exercise, he’ll have to forget about all his personal affairs and to deal with them all day to reach this form. Much depends on the person’s sex and genetic predisposition. Women by nature have less muscle mass and higher fat, so achieving a relief for them is a challenge.

Under genetic predisposition refers to the type of human body. In terms of weight gain the most difficult to account for ectomorph. Excellent relief muscles can develop mesomorphs, with growth of skeletal muscle subcutaneous fat increases, but only slightly. The most unprofitable type considered Endomorphs, they have a tendency to not only build good muscle but fat mass. However, each person the strength to reach a small percentage of fat in the body without causing problems with your health. For this to the issue should be approached rationally.

For our readers, we have prepared a list of recommendations that can help in achieving the desired relief. Here are 9 major factors, compliance with which will lead to the loss of a significant part of the fat mass in a healthy way:

1) Provide a good body hydration

This is the most important condition for the preparation of the body to get rid of body fat. If you feel thirsty, drink water immediately. Usually the person is not engaged in training, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters a day. As for us, athletes, then our body needs at least 2 liters.


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2) Drink energy drinks

Recent studies have shown that the use of energy helps to better transfer any diet, as strange as it may sound. We must understand that we are not talking about the usual Red Bull and other beverages with high caffeine content, but about sports nutrition, which is sold in specialty stores.

3) Take a protein or low-fat protein

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In order to get relief, and not lose muscle mass, you need to adjust your diet. All will need to eliminate carbohydrates, fat and protein sources should be replaced with low-fat. Good examples of such products are lean beef, chicken and low-fat cottage cheese. Whey protein — one of the best sources of protein, it is not only perfectly assimilated in the body, but also has an average calorific value.


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4) The use of sugar substitutes should be kept to a minimum

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Many athletes believe that you can remove from your diet sugar in its pure form, and instead use substitutes. This judgment is erroneous. Overreliance on sugar substitutes could stop the burning of fat. According to scientists, stimulating appetite soda possible even if you do not feel hunger. That is why their use should be limited. Those who cannot really do without sugar, it is recommended to try stevia — a natural substitute containing no calories.

5) The use of soy protein

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Containing soy protein is best suited for drying. This is the low-calorie product of its kind, it contains enough protein, and it is perfectly nourishes the body. The practice of drying in the soy protein has long been used by many bodybuilders. But its use is no substitute for food with high protein and low fat percentage, it must be consumed daily.


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6) Drink concentrated protein

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If you cook it yourself, instead of whole milk, use skim. Fluid should be added less. This cocktail can bring you a feeling of complete fullness after meals.

7) Fish. To drying you should love the fish

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This low-calorie foods with a high content of protein, contains a minimum of fat. In addition, it supplies the body with essential fatty acids that help to achieve good results for weight loss in the shortest possible time. Finally, the fish is a source of all the necessary elements for the body to function properly (zinc, iodine, manganese, and others).


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8) Love to green tea

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It is hardly possible to find a kind of tea that would be harmful to our body. But if it is the idea of losing weight, there is nothing more useful than green tea. Research has shown that he has a tremendous positive effect on the fat burning process. And in order to increase efficiency, take tea extract, not natural. Proved that a more efficient action of the extract. It should drink every day, the daily rate is about 500 mg.

9) Try conjugated linoleic acid

Leading sports physicians around the world proved that this acid contributes to the effective loss of fat stores and also has a positive effect on hypertrophy of muscle fibers. Furthermore, it positively affects muscle strength. As recent studies, conjugated linoleic acid has an action directed to the splitting of fat deposits in the abdominal area. It is this area is the most problematic in most men on this planet, getting rid of fat in it is a very difficult task.


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