7 Morning Workout Tips for People Who Don’t Do Mornings

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6. Find something you enjoy

Name: Stephen Wright, 31

Occupation: Public relations managing director

Wright kicked a cigarette addiction by integrating more fitness and wellness into his daily routine, and he still is regularly in the gym by 6 A.M. Finding his happy place at a CrossFit box has been the secret to keeping him accountable. “I realized that if you’re doing it right, fitness shouldn’t feel like a chore,” he explains.

“It should make you happy.” If you already hate the treadmill, getting up to run on it in the morning won’t be any more enjoyable. Try new things until you find one that sticks.

7. Think big picture

Name: Jordan Slotopolsky, 32

Occupation: Digital marketing sales

Bad news: There is no magic trick that will ever make getting up at 5 A.M. feel good, he says. Still, Slotopolsky has made early-morning sessions at Tone House a staple of his routine because the results that come with hard work are more important to him than an extra hour of sleep.

“You won’t always be motivated,” he says, “but stay the course anyway.” In other words: Do you want abs? Because no one ever got abs by hitting the snooze button.

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