7 Morning Workout Tips for People Who Don’t Do Mornings

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2. Set yourself up for success

Name: Bishoy Tadros, 30

Occupation: Financial sales

For Tadros, who gets up between 4:30 and 5:15 A.M to run or spin or attend a high-intensity interval training class, it’s all about preparation. From setting his alarm early the night before to carefully laying out his workout clothes, being organized helps cut down on decisions, making the execution much easier.

3. Put down the phone

Name: Andrew Connor, 29

Occupation: Global sports marketing and athlete manager at Reebok

Connor, who recently did a eight-month stint in Shanghai for work, finds solace in his early-morning routine no matter where in the world he happens to be. The trick to his success? Knowing when to put his phone down. “I make better decisions throughout my entire day when I get seven or eight hours of sleep,” he says. Instead of scrolling through social media in bed, he charges his phone using a short cable that doesn’t reach the pillow. This way, he’s able to turn off his mind, regroup, and take some “me” time.

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