7 Morning Workout Tips for People Who Don’t Do Mornings

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Trying to get your gym time in before the workday begins? Listen to the wisdom of these seven pre-dawn workout warriors . Leaving the confines of your cozy bed and tackling a bleary-eyed morning workout is a task that can feel, to put it politely, arduous. Some of the most successful guys in the world swear by it, though. Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly gets up to exercise at 3:45 A.M, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hits the weights by 4.

(Was there even a doubt?) The whole fitness-dawn-patrol thing can come with a lot of benefits, too, like helping you consume fewer unnecessary calories throughout the day; lowering your blood pressure; and making you very available for happy hour after work.

If functioning during the pre-sunrise hours—much less exerting the energy required for an honest-to-God workout—seems unfathomable to you, borrow some wisdom from these seven guys, all of whom are up before 6 A.M. to sweat. You can do it. (It might not be fun. But you can do it.)

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1. Find a friend

Name: Ryan Wilke, 32

Occupation: Co-founder of Throwback Fitness

Wilke is up by 5:30 A.M to coach his fitness classes, and he begins with one key piece of advice for anyone hoping to start (and stick to) an early-morning routine: Buddy up. “Not only will you help keep each other accountable, but you’ll also likely push yourself harder than if you were working out alone.”

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